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Arkansas Quartz Clusters

Arkansas Quartz Clusters For Sale!
Majestic Quartz stocks superb Arkansas Quartz Clusters for sale. This location is known for some of the best Quartz Clusters to be found anywhere in the World. These wonders of the Earth are found in Montgomery County, Arkansas. With many coming from the Mount Ida area. These clusters are most often found in deposits of red clay in the seams of sand stone. The Arkansas Quartz clusters at Majestic Quartz come in all shapes and sizes, from small right through to huge! On occasion we have the rare and sought after Blue Phantom Quartz Clusters. These most often come from the famous Wegner mine. The Quartz clusters can range from Milky white right through to water Clear Coloring with a mixture of different sized points. For information regarding further healing properties, please visit our sister sites Crystal Healing Properties information page for Arkansas Quartz at

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