Colombian Cathedral Crown Blue Smoke Crystal Point

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This all natural Colombian Cathedral Blue Smoke Crystal Point has great clarity and subtle striations with the shining luster that Colombian quartz is famous for! Also wisps of the Blue Smoke throughout the crystal, keys, and a few small rainbows towards the bottom. The Cathedral aspect coming from the top point, where multiple sides have multiple terminations. The crystal has lithium and Cookeite inclusions! This specimen is in very good condition.

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Weight (Without Base) – 2.10 oz’s – 59.6 gm’s

Dimensions (Without Base) – 3.230″ x 1.0″ long/wide (8.206 x 2.540 cm’s)

Country of Origin – Colombia

Colombian Quartz

For what and How Does One Use it?

Colombian Quartz crystals run at an amazingly high vibration – among the very highest in the Quartz World! Many have Lemurian Striated form and are highly sought after in the Lemurian Seed World of crystals. They help one seek the highest good and truth in all and any given situations. There is no room left for darkness when these amazing beings of light are used!

Colombian Quartz is also very effective for cleansing toxicity from the body, mind and spirit. These crystals are are great for strengthening the body’s immune system and have a strong focus on improving the respiratory system. This type of Quartz is good for practitioners that need to remain emotionally detached to get the best non biased information required to make an accurate diagnosis and course of action to take with their clients. They make for very powerful elixirs to really get a jump on the pre-mentioned properties.

Nearly all Colombian Quartz crystals are members of the Silver Light family, so all properties of those crystals are incorporated within these crystals as well. As with many recent finds these crystals have attracted all sorts of names and associated price hikes. In this authors opinion, these crystals that have such names are from the exact same source and have the exact same properties – the term “Caveat emptor – Let the buyer be aware” most certainly applies. Especially when these enlightened trademark holder$ are charging thousands of percent more for the same crystal!

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Phantom Quartz

For what and How Does One Use it?

Phantom Quartz crystals are all about growth and moving on, moving past blockages.

On a physical level, these crystals are created when another substance other than quartz washes over the crystal, leaving a layer on the termination during the crystal’s natural growth cycle. The crystal continues to grow, leaving an image of itself where it was at the time the substance washed over it. Phantoms can be made up of such minerals as Chlorite, Hematite, or even Clay. On occasion heat can play a part, causing a phantom to be visible through a different color shade. Most often either Smoky or Amethyst can display these heat-induced types of Phantom.

The most powerful phantom configurations are termed as being 3D. This is where the substance has totally covered the entire termination, leaving a three-dimensional image of itself.

Phantom crystals are very good for helping us move past blockages, where we may have become “stuck.” The type of inclusion that makes up the phantom also plays a part in the gifts that these special crystals have to offer us. They can also be used to project growth and plan milestones.

Hold a Phantom Quartz and visualize/remember a traumatic time in your life that you may perceive as having stunted your growth. Now see yourself actually becoming stronger through this experience. Let that experience become a marker, a testament to your strength, growth and perfection in that moment. Now bring that perfection and strength forward to the present day. Give thanks to the Phantom Crystal in helping you change your perception and facilitating your self-healing!

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Cathedral Quartz

For what and How Does One Use it?

Clear Cathedrals (they can be clear Citrine or clear Smoky) are referred to as Lightbrary Cathedrals. These crystals have doorways in their castling formation. To travel into the crystal, simply relax and gaze into the doorway. Once your mind, body and spirit are ready, you will see the doorway open and your consciousness will be drawn into the crystal. From there you can travel into different chambers and receive information that you are ready for at that time. You may also travel in inner and outer spacial dimensions in complete safety within the crystal.

Cathedral crystals are very rare, and seem to arrive in waves. There is not to much more to say about Cathedrals as everyone’s experience of them is usually unique to the crystal/person combination at that time.

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Colombian Cathedral Crown Properties

These crystals are powerful healers. The “Crown” refers to the fascinating multifaceted terminations. Most crown crystals are also blue smoke included. The blue smoke is a lithium based mineral called Cookeite. These are amazing healers tools. Colombian Quartz crystals can be very powerful. With this type of quartz, the clarity in the middle of the crystal leads to a milky tip, and then the energy is further softened by the multi faceted termination. This has the effect of softening the intense energy making it perfect for working with yourself, or others that have endured traumatic life experiences. The soft and loving energy helps provide a safe energetic space, helping one to process and heal from the trauma.

The Colombian Blue Smoke Crown Quartz for sale at Majestic Quartz is hand picked and ready to go to work from the get go! These crystals are also known by the name Elestial Crown Quartz. We here at Majestic Quartz think of the terminations being more orientated to the Cathedral form.

Some of the energies and properties one can expect are….

    • Increases empathy.
    • Modulates the energy in real time to best suit the individual.
    • Cleansing toxicity from the body, mind and spirit.
    • Calms and soothes frayed nerves from emotional and physical trauma.
    • Helps one function under pressure.
    • Cleansing/Charging, especially at the emotional level.
    • Widens ones focus to embrace previously hidden creative solutions to any given issues.