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Amethyst Flowers

Amethyst Flower Crystals For Sale!Quality control is important to us at Majestic Quartz. The aim to bring the finest quality and highest vibration Amethyst flowers available. You will find flower clusters from Brazil and Uruguay In this section. These stunning rich deep Amethyst flowers sparkle with wonderful intensity! In addition to Forming in the shape of a flower – Amethyst Flowers are visually spectacular and make a fine addition to any collection. These formations often form in cluster form, and occasionally in geodes. This style of Amethyst is used to remove radiation created by computers, cellphones and other electrical gadgets. This radiation is often formed in the sides of the head. Simply place the flower next to ones head and the radiation will be drawn out into the crystal. Be sure to cleanse the flower afterwards. In conclusion, we are honored to assist you in your Amethyst experience and illumination. For more information regarding Amethyst Flower healing properties, please visit our sister sites Amethyst Flower Properties information page at

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