Colombian Raquirite Elite Shungite Specimen – New Find!

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This incredible new upgraded material is from the same family as Shungite, indeed it shares many of Shungites gifts. We highly recommend you read the Raquirite Elite Shungite properties tab to get up to speed on this amazing minerals properties such as adaptive frequencies, and be sure to take note of the addition of Beryllium energy! The carbon purity and energy from the increased Fullerene content make for an awesome upgraded experience! Just as the Russian Shungite becomes unavailable, Mother Earth provides an incredible alternative at just the right time! Shungite 2.0 is here and now!

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Weight – 1 oz’s – 28.3 gm’s

Dimensions – 1.589″ x 2.099″ tall/wide (4.037 x 5.332 cm’s)

Country of Origin – Colombia

At the time of writing this, the Russian Shungite was not available due to the invasion of the Ukraine. However, Mother Earth always provides. In this case, she provided the next step up in evolution of this special material – Raquirite Elite Shungite has been discovered in Colombia. It has 95% of the properties of the original Shungite, but thanks to an increase in carbon purity and Fullerene content raises the vibration and abilities to a whole new level! We at crystal information have seen this before with other crystals, a new kind is discovered, such as Lemurian Seed Quartz. Then as humanity evolves through the shamanic process, new more powerful varieties appear in other locations around the World at the perfect time. Fullerenes are an interesting subject. The standard test for testing Russian Shungite involves placing a electrical multi-meter on a specimen, the display will drop from a “1” to a “0” showing the specimen has continuity. Fascinatingly, the Colombian Raquirite ohm reading shows it is constantly changing frequencies – it is alive and reacting to the environment around it. This is next level energies due to an increase in Fullerene content! Metaphysically this equates to the Raquirite reading and reacting and interacting with you to provide exactly what you need in that given moment. Check out the video below showing the changing ohm readings as the Raquirite changes frequency.

As with Russian Shungite, you can also use Raquirite to scroll your phone!

Raquirite Elite Shungite has another enhancement – Beryllium! The area it comes from is the same Colombian mountains and mines that produce the very best emeralds in the World! As this material is nearly 100% carbon, the Beryllium content is easily small enough to be very safe, yet be vibrationally very significant. Beryllium eases stress and anxiety. It acts as a sedative and helps at times when one may be feeling mentally overwhelmed and “snowed under”. Beryllium strengthens and balances the etheric structure of the body – aligning it with light flows. It opens the mind to all possibilities and helps one to assimilate and process new information at a phenomenal rate. On a physical level – Beryllium strengthens the intestinal tract, and cardiovascular system – especially in regards to elasticity at the cellular level. The pituitary gland is strengthened. Taken as a Raquirite elixir, the Beryllium content helps the body assimilate nutrients – especially Zinc, Silica and Vitamins A and E. Along with all the above, Raquirite also has near identical properties as Shungite, such as killing bacteria and viruses, Purifies water, Reduces oxidative stress, Reduces inflammation. Traditionally, water infused with shungite has been used for: allergies sore throats asthma gastric issues arthritis kidney problems liver problems gallbladder issues autoimmune disease pancreatic dysfunction chronic fatigue   For more information on this amazing mineral, check out the link below.