Natural 17.7 Gram Colombianite Specimen

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This Natural Colombianite has awesome texture/etchings and is translucent making it glow a gorgeous peachy tint when held to the light!! A Light Shot Photo has been added to display its translucence and color. While white background photos have been added to help better display the shape, and texture. This specimen is in excellent condition!

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Weight – 1.8 oz’s – 17.7 gm’s

Dimensions – 1.18″ x 0.94″ wide/tall (3 x 2.4 cm’s)

Country of Origin – Colombia


For what and How Does One Use it?

Tektite helps us discern, and focus upon what is true and right for oneself, rather than buy into misleading hype. It takes one on life changing adventures, and transforms our reality by showing us that what we may perceive as a catastrophic climactic events, can indeed be the very making of a stronger, more powerful and streamlined consciously aware being!

Meditating with Tektite can have the effect of thinning the veils between dimensions.

On the physical level, Tektite can amplify and accelerate the healing process from disease and physical injuries.

Read more regarding Tektite Properties at the link below (will open in a new tab/window)….

Colombianite is a genuine Tektite. It may be used for meditation, and healing on both spiritual and physical levels. Colombianite helps one to work with efficiency and precision when under pressure. It assists in removing self doubt, speeds up decision making and selecting the best scenario to resolve any given issue. This special crystal helps to bring clarity in murky/unclear situations. Used on the third eye, Colombianite helps one connect with the universe and the “all that is”. It assists one to connect to the ancient ancestors, not necessarily earthly ancestors, but more celestial/cosmic ancestors.

It is very grounding. As an example any information that comes in, this stone will help one to understand and ground the information received within. It acts as a bridge, transferring information between the sub conscious to the conscious mind. The information received may lay dormant in the subconscious mind, until called upon by the necessity of a given situation – just at the right time!


For what and How Does One Use it?

Moldavite can be used on the 3rd eye to speed thought and bodily reactions. It helps one access other dimensions simultaneously.

Use with crystals such as Tourmaline – Black, Hematite, Smoky Quartz or other grounding crystals. This will enable you to ground the very high vibration of Moldavite in order to retain and use it.

Some people find the energy of Moldavite to be somewhat overwhelming, the good news is that you can have it in elixir form which helps you integrate the energy of this crystal into your life in an easier way.

Moldavite raises your spirit, expands your mind and raises your consciousness.

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