High Grade Aquamarine and Silver Mica Specimen

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Pingwu has produced Aquamarines that are almost unique in form, and quite beautiful in their own right. In particular, these hexagonal Aquamarines tend to be tabular, which is rare, and they are often gemmy and superbly lustrous. This specimen has Aquamarine crystals that are just that, and the light, water-clear, blue color adds even more to the aesthetics. All sit atop a matrix of bladed and pearly Muscovite crystals. As good as they look in the photos, you just cannot fully appreciate how gemmy and bright these crystals are until you see them in person! Check out the 360 video below! This specimen is in excellent condition!

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Weight – 3.77 oz’s – 107 gm’s

Dimensions – 2.76″ x 2.76″ long/wide (7 x 7 cm’s)

Country of Origin – Xuebaoding Mine, Mt Xuebaoding, Pingwu Co, Mianyang Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China


For what and How Does One Use it?

Mica helps us focus on what is important, stripping away distractions like layers of an onion until all that is left is what really matters. It helps bring in new psychic abilities in a smooth and controllable fashion. Mica often companions high-energy crystals such as Tourmalines, Aquamarines and Topaz. It acts as a protective interface so one does not become overwhelmed by the sheer energy of the higher vibrational crystals it grows with.


In today’s world we are bombarded with irrelevance on an epic scale, especially through media. Mica helps cut through all that to focus us on what is really important, a stone for the “information” age for sure!

Read more regarding Mica Properties at the link below (will open in a new tab/window)….