Blue Fluorite on Matrix Cluster

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These Phenomenal Blue Flourite Crystals have unsurpassed richness in coloring!!! This specimen has exquisite luster and translucency!! These Flourites sit on a matrix!! This specimen is in excellent condition.

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10.3 oz’s – 292 gm’s
4.5″ long (11.4cm’s)
Country of Origin

Fluorite – Blue

Blue Fluorite helps one with creative visualization, clear/concise communication and soothing and calming the nerves. It brings order to ones thoughts and emotions. Blue Fluorite brings about the process of an spiritual awakening. This wonderful crystal helps us let go of obsessions, frustrations and disappointments.

On a physical level, and particularly when taken in elixir form – Blue Flourite soothes inflammation and infections. It helps the entire bodies cellular system to regenerate with the original and “correct” blueprint – Free of free radicals brought about by chemical and radiation based pollution.
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