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Mooralla Quartz

Mooralla Quartz Crystals For Sale!

We only stock the very best quality Mooralla Quartz Crystals for sale at Majestic Quartz! These very special crystals are always gathered by hand, and are not commercially mined. They have been collected from Mooralla in Western Victoria, Australia sine the 1960’s. The rock hound enthusiasts that procure these crystals, now have to dig as far down as 60 feet to gain access to the very best crystals! These are the very same high grade crystals as you see here on Majestic Quartz! Mooralla Quartz crystals are very lustrous Smoky Quartz crystals that have very similar form to the famed Herkimer Quartz crystals. Due to the difficulty of procuring these special specimens, the Mooralla Quartz Crystals for Sale on our site are very reasonably priced. Especially for the grade we are able to offer at this time. Be sure to look out for these special crystals that have formed in Rhyolite Geodes! They are especially sort after specimens!

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