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Dumortierite Quartz

Dumortierite Crystals For sale

Here at Majestic Quartz, we only stock the very best in natural and polished Dumortierite crystals for sale. We specialize in beautiful High Quality Dumortierite included Quartz Crystals For Sale. These crystals have beautiful blue inclusions of Dumortierite inside them. These special crystals come from the location of Brazil. We aim to have a constant supply of both the natural and polished varieties in their crystal form ins stock. Also, we will soon have polished cabs and other shapes available in Dumortierite included Quartz. Dumortierite is named after French paleontologist Eugene Dumortier. Though it forms in predominantly blue crystals, on occasion, pink and purple colors are also found. Though these crystals are very small (measured in carets) they still pack a great punch energy wise! they bring, order and structure to chaos and encourage bravery and commitment in getting tasks achieved to a high degree of attainment.

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