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Colombian Green Fuchsite Quartz Clusters

Colombian Green Fuchsite Quartz For Sale!

The Colombian Green Fuchsite quartz for sale at Majestic Quartz is top quality! These incredible crystals have Green Fuchsite in and on them! Normally it is green chlorite that is associated with quartz. Green Fuchsite with quartz is a very much rarer occurrence! Previously, the only Green Fuchsite and Quartz was found in Ihovitra, Itremo, Madagascar. This new variety from Santander, Colombia – has incredible form, luster, and clarity! The Fuchsite is of an incredible color and quality! Some has even taken muscovite mica form – yes in Fuchsite Green! Both the Quartz and Fuchite sparkles at every angle – incredible! Many of the crystal points on these clusters have Lemurian Seed Striations!

These clusters have a very bright uplifting energy that brings warmth and healing to the heart. This combination brings harmony and joy, while also clearing the consciousness to let through what is truly important in the given moment.
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Some of the energies and properties one can expect are....

    • Brings the emotional and physical body into balance.
    • Lemurian Seed energy.
    • Helps one access the Akashic records, increases clairvoyance and psychic abilities.
    • Rejuvenates and tops up energy levels.
    • Conduit between the devic and human realms.
    • Raised consciousness.
    • Elixir magic!