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Cactus Quartz

Cactus Quartz For Sale!

Majestic Quartz has only the very best Cactus Quartz crystals for sale! We specialize in some of the largest of these specimens ever found! These crystals are from the Pseudomorph family. Therefore, the central core crystal faces have etching on them! With the etching on the parent crystal combined with the surrounding “pupil” crystals consequently sets these masters apart as supreme Teacher” manifestation crystals! These beauties are cousins to Spirit and Fairy Quartz crystals. The Cactus Quartz crystals for sale at Majestic Quartz have predominantly white central core crystals with smaller golden colored crystals continuing right around that central core. They have fantastic luster and sparkles as you turn them in your hands. These crystals are mined by hand in North of Pretoria in the Gauteng province of South Africa. Therefore these special crystals are spared the stress of being mined with explosives. As a result they and a lot less traumatized!

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