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Lodestone + Quartz Healing Kit

Lodestone and Arkansas Quartz Healing Kits For Sale!
More than 25 years ago, I (Anthony) developed a method of magnetic healing utilizing both natural magnetic Lodestones and Clear Quartz crystals. The pattern used, was to lay seven Lodestones along the Chakra points on the spine, completed with 8 Quartz crystals separating the Lodestones. The Quartz crystals activates the Spinal Fluid, amplifies and balances the Lodestone energies. This treatment is wonderful for treating aching backs, along with detoxifying the blood among many other benefits. Almost without fail, clients had a positive effect from this therapy, with most needing only one session to notice a marked improvement. The magnetic properties of Lodestones are subtle when compared to powerful manufactured magnets, but then again the human bodies electromagnetic system is a comparatively subtle one itself. The natural crystals and stones compliment this subtle system. The Lodestone we use is sourced from the United States and is as high quality as one could hope to attain. So too, are the Arkansas Quartz crystals we mined ourselves. These crystals all have excellent to museum grade terminations and are hand picked to work with the particular Lodestones within each kit. While Magnetic Healing is largely mainstream and not exactly controversial, we do encourage people to click on this LINK for scientific medical information and studies that have thus far been carried out. Each Kit below comes with the exact Lodestones and Crystals pictured – these are not sample photos.

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