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Cavansite Specimens For Sale

Majestic Quartz stocks beautiful Cavansite Specimens for sale, at great prices! Although Canvansite comes from the USA, New Zealand, we source our specimens from the famous Wagholi Quarry, Wagholi, Pune District, Maharashtra, India. Cavansite crystals usually form on top of Stilbite and other zeolites. They are a beautiful vivid blue color. These sensational eye popping minerals form in beautiful prismatic or tabular crystals in rosette like formations! Cavansite forms from hydrous calcium vanadium oxide silicate. They score a 3 to 4 on mohs hardness scale. The Cavansite Specimens For Sale at our site are gathered ethically by hand with no power tools or explosives used, this makes for crystal specimens in much better condition. On a metaphysical level, these crystals is known to de-stress and increase intuition. It gives one the confidence to make changes in their lives, to let go old patterns that are no longer of service, and perhaps never were.

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