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Bulgarian Minerals

Bulgarian Quartz Crystals For Sale!
We stock the very finest Bulgarian Quartz Crystals for sale at Majestic Quartz. Bulgarian Quartz often forms with Galena, Calcite, Pyrite and Chalcopyrite. Specimens are gathered from very deep mines of over 450 meters deep. Most Quartz is found in the lead and zinc mines located in the Rhodope Mountains found near Madan, Bulgaria. These incredible Bulgarian Quartz Crystals for sale here take many interesting forms. The crystals are often Laser Wand form and range from milky right through to ice clear. Most of these specimens are self standing, so do not need a base to be displayed in. Bulgarian Quartz with it’s mineral companions make for fascinating sparkling wonders of nature! For those wanting to find out about the metaphytsical properties of these special Bulgarian crystals can click on these following links. These links take you to our sister site Crystal Information. Quartz Clusters, Galena and Pyrite

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