New Zealand Īnanga Pounamu Nephrite Jade Pikorua/Twist Koru/Spiral Pendant

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The Koru is a contemporary Maori Pounamu Greenstone design that is widely recognized. Its spiral shape resembles endless motion. The pattern represents new life and growth, and the inner curl symbolizes coming back to the beginning. With that, the Koru mimics both the concept of change and the notion of consistency.

Since Koru jade Pendants are usually given as gifts for momentous events, it is ideal for starting a new chapter in life, such as moving out to a new house, getting married, or having their first child. So if you know someone who’s going through life changes, show your support through a gift of Koru Pendant.

Because of its meaning, the Maori twist symbol is the most widely known among the pounamu greenstone designs. The twist represents the connection between the two humans, whether by companionship, romantic relationship,or kinship.

The twist symbol refers to the unbreakable link between two people, whether they are parted for brief or extended periods. It is reminiscent of these people’s life pathways and how they would always come back together. With that, the Maori twist jade necklace is a common present among partners, families, friends, and even those who have lost someone.

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Weight – 0.75 oz’s – 20.9 gm’s

Dimensions – 2.75″ x 0.79″ long/wide (69.8 x 20 mm’s)

Country of Origin – New Zealand

Īnanga pounamu takes its name from the native freshwater fish Galaxias maculatus, one of the common whitebait species in New Zealand, and is pearly-white or grey-green in colour. It varies from translucent to opaque. Īnanga was the variety most prized by Māori for ornaments and mere (short handled clubs)

Īnanga pounamu example
Īnanga pounamu example