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New Zealand Īnanga Pounamu Nephrite Jade Toki/Adze Pendant

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The Toki, or adze, was designed as a practical instrument, most widely incorporated in axes and a ceremonial symbol made solely for chiefs and warriors. It is used to express their supremacy and indicate their social hierarchy.

Nowadays, Toki is carried as a symbol of power. However, Toki Pounamu are typically given to symbolize perseverance, dedication, bravery,and success,which honors the link between the past and the present.

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Weight – 0.59 oz’s – 16.6 gm’s

Dimensions – 2.13″ x 1.85″ long/wide (54 x 47 mm’s)

Country of Origin – New Zealand

Īnanga pounamu takes its name from the native freshwater fish Galaxias maculatus, one of the common whitebait species in New Zealand, and is pearly-white or grey-green in colour. It varies from translucent to opaque. Īnanga was the variety most prized by Māori for ornaments and mere (short handled clubs)

Īnanga pounamu example

Īnanga pounamu example