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Honey Calcite Polished Gua Sha Tool

USD $16.00

This specimen is Honey Calcite, cut and polished into an Gua Sha Massaging Tool. Perfect massaging tool for face and body!! Honey Calcite also known as Golden, Amber, or Honeycomb Calcite and is a calcium carbonate mineral that occurs in masses and rhombohedral forms. The color can range from a light golden color all the way to a rich warm orange amber color. This piece leans more toward the light amber tones and even has amazing translucency. A white background picture has been included to help better gauge the color.

In stock

Weight – 2.08 oz’s – 58.9 gm’s

Dimensions – 2.326″ x 3.394″ x 0.269 tall/wide/thick (5.907 x 8.620 x 0.683 cm’s)

Country of Origin – Pakistan