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Natural And Polished Crystal Pendants For Sale!
The Natural and Polished Crystal Pendants for sale at Majestic Quartz, are mostly made by ourselves! We choose and hand pick our crystals with great care in order to bring you the customer – only the very best available. The types of crystals we target could hardly be described as vanilla! Specimens such as Colombian Lemurian Seed, Brandberg, Vera Cruz Amethyst and many other exotic families are used to make fine Pendants! We believe that these wonders of the Earth should be displayed – so it is all about them. Thus we use minimalist 925 grade Stirling silver fittings were ever possible making the crystal the star of the show! We show polished pendants lots of Love too! We super fussy in what exotic polished crystals we select. Only the very best in unique items will make the grade! Be sure to look for the “Made by Majestic Quartz” logo to be sure the pendant was made by us!

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