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Natural Amber For Sale
Here at Majestic Quartz, we only stock genuine Natural Amber for sale. Amber often attracts much controversy. Especially the varieties that are labeled “Copal Amber”. This is Amber that is deemed to be young. We have performed an extensive amount of research into the subject. Our findings have found that there is no scientific definition of a time frame that tree resin/sap from which Amber is born officially becomes Amber. This fascinating substance does not actually ever fossilize. In essence, Amber remains as resin – but over MUCH time will harden. Baltic Amber is recognized as being the oldest, but to deem all other “Copal” Amber as “Not being Amber” is disingenuous. From what we can tell, that narrative is pushed by those with large invested interests in Baltic Amber. The Colombian Natural Amber for sale at Majestic Quartz is genuine Amber direct from the source in Colombia. It is most definitely ancient – as it has been sourced from right beside el Cerrejón coal mine at the same level where 60 million year old dinosaur bones have been found! Read more Regarding Amber Properties on our sister site Crystal Information at the link below (will open in a new tab/window)….