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Apatite For Sale
Here at Majestic Quartz, we like to stock top quality Apatite for sale. This beautiful mineral comes in both the massive form and in rare cases terminated crystals.The massive form of Apatite is often cut and polished into shapes like spheres, Pyramids, hearts and free forms. Apatite forms in the colors blue, green, yellow and occasionally purple. Of late, the Apatite for sale at Majestic Quartz has been the stunning polished Blue Apatite from Madagascar. This location is renowned for producing stunning blue material for the lapidary artists to work their magic on! Other locations this moneral is found are the following countries – USA, Brazil, Mexico, Madagascar, Spain, Germany and India. some of the metaphysical properties included bringing chaos to order, and bring abundance to ones life with ease and grace. For more information regarding the properties of Apatite, click HERE to visit this minerals properties page at our sister site