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New Zealand Kokopu Pounamu Nephrite Jade Pendant

USD $167.00

The Circular Pounamu Greenstone reflects nature’s and life’s continuous cycle. For Maori people, this emblem signifies their belief that the world has neither beginning nor end. It also represents the dynamic nature of several aspects of life, such as seasons, relationships, health, and energy, among others. It is perfect for someone who wants to have inner peace and balance.

In stock

Weight – 0.46 oz’s – 12.6 gm’s

Dimensions – 1.474″ x 1.474″ long/wide (3.745 x 3.745 cm’s)

Country of Origin – New Zealand

Kōkopu pounamu is olive green and speckled with dark spots, reminiscent of the markings of three species of native freshwater fishes in the genus Galaxias that go by that name.