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Colombian Needle Quartz Clusters

Colombian Needle Quartz Clusters For Sale!

These Colombian Needle Quartz Clusters are very special indeed. They radiate an incredible amount of light energy in all directions! Though they are called needle quartz, in reality they are formed with many, many Laser Wand Quartz crystals! Their formation and quality are exquisite in the extreme, and the clarity is Colombian grade outstanding! While yes, they are by their nature somewhat delicate, they are however not hard to safely pick up and gaze at with much wonderment! More information regarding these special crystals can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

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Colombian Needle Quartz Clusters often come in straight quartz, however at times, some are found with inclusions. These inclusions can be Halloysite, Cookeite, Limonite and in some rare cases, a handful will have Prehnite crystals on them! These clusters are mined seasonally, as the mines flood during the rainy season. So they are a get them when you see them proposition!

Some of the energies and properties one can expect are....

    • Brings harmonious balance.
    • Assist in working together with others.
    • Combined group focus with whilst respecting and valuing individuality.
    • Assists in cutting through "issues".
    • Happily will run multiple programs for manifesting purposes
    • Cleansing/Charging energy abound!
    • Promotes empathy