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Tigereye Quartz Facial Roller or Massage Wand

USD $33.00

This Tigereye Quartz Facial Roller Wand is WOW!! – So Relaxing and Nurturing!!! Excellent for working from either end of the wand depending on the surface area you are working with!! The color is a glorious pink!! This would also be marvellous for those massage enthusiasts!!

In stock

2.3 oz’s x 67 gm’s
5.7″ long – roller to roller (14.6 cm’s)


For what and How Does One Use it?

On a physical level Tigereye is very good for making bones stronger, and knit together after being broken. It helps the body attract, capture and make use of the gold ray, normally the most elusive of the 7 rays for the body to actually hold on to! It helps align the subtle bodies with our physical body, enabling more effective and efficient integration of all the energies the various different bodies have to offer. Tigereye brings certainty and a deeper understanding along with a stronger sense of purpose into one’s life. On an emotional level it brings courage to commit to change, dispelling fear and anxiety along the way.

Placing Tigereye on the solar plexus chakra and visualizing breathing its color into that area helps pull the gold ray into the physical body, activating the physical gifts this stone has to offer. Using the same technique on the sacral chakra brings courage and conviction to bring about real change, while promoting emotional stability through the most challenging of times!


Tigereye is a fantastic helper on many, many levels, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. It is a readily available resource, making a great gift to give to others!

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