Polished Olivine & Chrysocolla W/ Copper Inclusions Teardrop Carving

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This specimen is Olivine and Chrysocolla with Copper Inclusions, carved and polished into a teardrop shape that stands on its own. Olivine is a member of the serpentine family and is known for its green coloring, Chysocolla will be the subtle pops of blue throughout and the metallic flare will be the Copper. A white background picture has been included to help better gauge color.

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Weight – 8.38 oz’s – 237.8 gm’s

Dimensions – 4.142″ x 2.355″ tall/wide (10.520 x 5.983 cm’s)

Country of Origin – Pakistan


For what and How Does One Use it?

Chrysocolla cleanses the subconscious mind, allowing for better enabling of change to take place. It has a strong feminine influence, although can be used by both women and men to utilize this gift.
Chrysocolla is very good to hold in the hand when experiencing stress or anxiety. Do you have trouble articulating your words, or with public speaking? Then Chrysocolla is the stone for you. Either have it handy in your pocket or on your person and you will greatly benefit and speak with assured confidence and clarity!

Chrysocolla is an excellent stone to have in one’s kit bag, as it brings about calmness, communication and spiritual alignment. It is great for public speaking, teaching spiritual concepts, and simply communicating in general.

Read more regarding Chrysocolla Properties at the link below (will open in a new tab/window)….