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Colombian Blue Smoke Crown Quartz

Colombian Blue Smoke Crown Quartz For Sale!

These crystals are powerful healers. The “Crown” refers to the fascinating multifaceted terminations. Most crown crystals are also blue smoke included. The blue smoke is a lithium based mineral called Cookeite. These are amazing healers tools. Colombian Quartz crystals can be very powerful. With this type of quartz, the clarity in the middle of the crystal leads to a milky tip, and then the energy is further softened by the multi faceted termination. This has the effect of softening the intense energy making it perfect for working with yourself, or others that have endured traumatic life experiences. The soft and loving energy helps provide a safe energetic space, helping one to process and heal from the trauma.

The Colombian Blue Smoke Crown Quartz for sale at Majestic Quartz is hand picked and ready to go to work from the get go! These crystals are also known by the name Elestial Crown Quartz. We here at Majestic Quartz think of the terminations being more orientated to the Cathedral form.
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Because these crystals are created to soften energy, that does not mean they are not immensely powerful in their own right. They can still pump out as much energy as any human could possibly receive, they just have built in filtering in order to meter out the exact amount of energy required for the betterment of each individual that may work with the crystal.

Some of the energies and properties one can expect are....

    • Increases empathy.
    • Modulates the energy in real time to best suit the individual.
    • Cleansing toxicity from the body, mind and spirit.
    • Calms and soothes frayed nerves from emotional and physical trauma.
    • Helps one function under pressure.
    • Cleansing/Charging, especially at the emotional level.
    • Widens ones focus to embrace previously hidden creative solutions to any given issues.