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Magnesium Crystallized Mineral Specimens For Sale

This is a man made crystal – normally at Majestic Quartz we refrain from purchasing man made minerals, however in this case we are making an exception as Native Magnesium Crystals do not occur in nature. These crystals are obtained by electrolysis of magnesium salts obtained from brine. During this process crystals are sometimes formed – so they are very rare. We see real value in these crystals being used for Elixirs. With Magnesium being so important to human physiology, we feel the added bonus of the geometric properties of the Magnesium crystals will turbo charge the actual Magnesium vibration. Though Magnesium does have a reaction within water, it is a very, very slow one. We recommend only placing the crystal in water for 30 seconds to one minute to be sure. This is ample time for the water to take on the vibration of the Magnesium. We have tested the process for several minutes with no discernible effect on the crystal. If in doubt, use the indirect method for making the Elixir. Further information on the direct method may be found at the following address… Want more information regarding Magnesium Crystal healing properties? Please visit our sister site – Magnesium Properties

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