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Polished Kunzite Faceted Freeform

NZD $164.00

This is a Polished Kunzite Freeform from Afghanistan. The color is incredible and has multiple layers of depth from rich deep hues to light. The form has been cut and polished into and angular freeform and can stand many different directions! A white background photo has been included to help better gauge the color.

In stock

Weight –15.90 oz’s – 450.8 gm’s

Dimensions –3.790″ – 2.429″ tall/wide (9.627 – 6.170 mm’s)

Country of Origin –Afghanistan


For what and How Does One Use it?

It aids in communication through opening up the heart chakra, especially if it is taken as an elixir. It also gives a large boost to ones spiritual esteem and intuition.

Kunzite brings compassion for yourself and others around you, especially when going through the grieving process. It is also good for soothing anger and bringing calmness.

On a physical level, Kunzite helps the entire cardiovascular system – enhancing blood supply and helping regenerate tissue.

Kunzite forms in pink terminated crystals and can be gemmy. The green variety is called spodumene.

Violet Kunzite

A new variety of Kunzite has been recently discovered in Afghanistan. It is a beautiful violet color and is useful for working with “The Violet Flame”. This is a powerful self transformation technique dissolving karmic energy and redundant bloodline energy (Karmic style energy handed down through family generations). Violet Kunzite is one of the most powerful self transformation crystals to be found – a ultimate alchemy crystal to truly change ones spiritual path in a very positive way. some of the Violet Kunzites also come with pink and green colors, which only enhances ones self worth, forgiveness, promoting the transformation process radiating it from the heart center. Many of the Violet Kunzite crystals are double terminated, enabling energy to flow both ways such as the releasing of old patterns while simultaneously receiving new ones. This greatly speeds the transformation process.

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