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Labradorite For Sale!
The Labradorite for sale at Majestic Quartz is mostly from Madagascar. It comes in mostly polished form, including spheres, eggs, free forms, pyramids and so on. We also stock high grade Labradorite pendants – in some cases translucent ones! Labradorite is a member of the feldspar family. It comes in a veritable rainbow range of colors! The chatoyancy (bright color/inner reflection flash) of this mineral is absolutely stunning! Another form of Labradorite comes from India, and it is called Sunstone. This variety has golden flashes of color set in a apricot to white feldspar stone matrix. It is rarer than the Madagascan variety. This beautiful stone is a real eye catcher, and is a wonderful stone to buy for both seasoned, and people new to the wonderful world of crystals and stone! Buying it for a gift for the uninitiated brings them a wonderful unexpected delightful surprise when they see the vibrant color flashes! For information regarding Labradorite healing properties, please visit our sister sites Labradorite Healing Properties information page at

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