My name is Jack I live in southern California, many thousands of miles away from Majestic Crystals.

The first Purchase I made was hard for me, I never bought anything over the Internet, let alone so far away. After about 6 e-mail’s back and forth with Anthony ( one of the owners) of Majestic crystals, I was convinced that they were a legitimate company and had all the crystals that I really liked and could not find else where..After the first purchase a large elestial (He’s not kidding, it was over 60 LB’s!, Anthony) and a large cathedral, I was very surprised. I found the quality to be excellent, much nicer then the picture could depict.

Since then I have bought over thirty pieces from them and could not be any happier. It takes only about a week for the shipment, and the incredible crystals arrive at my door. So you have nothing to lose by ordering. The service is excellent, the crystals are awesome, and the price can’t be beat anywhere. You will be happy you did, I know I am.

Jack Berenstein

I LOVE the crystals that I have bought from Majestic Quartz!

They are all wonderful healing tools, and are just as pictured/described on the website. On top of that, I have always received the crystals in what seems like record time (less than a week), considering that I live on the other end of the world.

I wholeheartedly endorse Majestic Quartz, and have the greatest respect for Anthony, the person helps run it.

Sincerely, Lynne Hoppe Fall River Mills, CA, USA

I just wanted to say hi and offer a huge thanks for the last shipment of rocks. I’m always so excited to get the box from Majestic and I revel in how much better the crystals look in person versus the pictures. The floater elestial was awesome and so unbelievably shiny. It seems like it is almost not of this world. The white milky DT quartz seemed so gentle as did the chlorite phantom. I’ve kind of got a thing for the chlorite phantoms.

See ya later – tater Kathy Ball

Dear Anthony, and all the Majestic people,

I just wanted to send this short note to tell you how very delighted I am with every single one of the crystals I’ve received from you.

In every case, the crystal is even more beautiful in hand than it was in the picture on your website.

I have searched for, and bought from, many crystal and gem sites on the Internet, and I can in all honesty say that the crystals I’ve received from you are the best of the lot.

I have, and shall continue, to recommend your crystals to anyone I know who has an interest in these lovely flowers of the earth. I know without any shadow of a doubt that they will be as impressed and delighted with their extraordinary quality as I am.

My very best regards,

Pen Kreps Florida, U.S.A.

Hi Anthony, Thanks for your notice. I’m very keen and am looking forward to my second batch to arrive soon. You guys have done a good job in the packing. You shall be expecting more orders from me to come in the future. Though my orders are not a big sum, you’re serving me with personal attention which I appreciate a lot. Thanks again. Regards, Koksen Kee
I got the crystal when I got home from work 5pm tuesday. It is very nice, well castled (terminated) and good clarity. The pictures on your site did not do it justice. It’s nicer then I anticipated. Jack
Hello, Anthony! Just a short note to tell you the double-terminated record keeper arrived today. It is beautiful!!! Now I look forward to the rose quartz… 🙂 Pen
Hi, Anthony! I am so happy to tell you that my elestials arrived today! And, Anthony, they were all that I expected and more! I am certainly quite delighted and this definitely insures that I will be doing much business with you. Perhaps most importantly, the crystals arrived with a lovely vibration. Without a doubt, they have been “treated well” and this tells me much about the enviornment in which they were handled…and about the people handling them. So often, when crystals arrive, it’s as though they have been through a terrible ordeal and one can feel it. Much clearing is often necessary. Yours arrived with a decidedly balanced feeling and I only washed them with a little soap and water and set them in the sun with much Aloha to welcome them. Carolese.
Anthony I received the crystals today. They actually came last week but I was so busy that I couldn’t pick them up until today. They are excellent specimens! I am very impressed and pleased with the whole lot. And here I am again at your website drooling over more! Thank you so much for making great specimens available and easy to obtain. Happy New Year! Ken Pesnell
Hi, Anthony: I got the big elestial. It is so beautiful. My family gathered around it and watched and praised. Thank you for bringing this special crystal to our home. Best wishes, Chuchu
Thank you so much for the beautiful crystals you sent me. I can’t tell you how pleased I was with what I recieved. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii, and I can’t even pick up a single decent looking double terminated quartz laser for double the price that I paid for the two that you sent me. From now on, I will only be ordering from your shop because I know I’m getting the best quality for the price that I am paying. Thank you again very much! Aloha, Makana Yasukawa P.S. Thank you also for your patience in seeing my order through! I really appretiate that.
The Amethyst fan and Brandberg Crystal arrived today !!! Do you (I would assume you do) ever loop/scope the crystals ? The Brandberg is not JUST an Amethyst phantom it is a SMOKEY Amethyst phantom !!!! plus it has small black inclusions and small red ones….TOO AWESOME for words…will look forward to dream time with this one !!! And the fan…so MUCH character and so little time…heehee…I shall let you go now 😉 Brightest of Blessings Kim
Hi Anthony! it’s Ivy here, this time to thank you for the crystals and the fast delivery. I’m going home to l.a. this Sunday, and will take the two elestials home for my mom…I’ll keep you posted as to her reaction… i love the lavender rose quartz, and thanks for the rose quartz cluster! it’s very beautiful and has a bit of lavender in it too! anyway, just e-mailing to thank you, and to let you know these crystals are highly appreciated! thanks a bunch, Ivy Chou
Anthony, Just letting you know that I received the shipment of the pretty rose quartz and the Brandberg Smoky/Amethyst Scepter. Very nice! Especially the Brandberg. The crystal has beautiful markings and structure not to mention the neat mobile water bubble. It is definitely first class. Thanks as always. By the way, if you do run across another really top quality chlorite light green phantom like you had several weeks ago, please put it aside for me to check out. Brooks
Hello Anthony, Today i have received the orange citrine elestial. It’s just fantastic. I cannot get my hands off of it and cannot stop looking at all the faces, edges, color..etc. Thank you very much. I also want to thank you for giving me the chance to get some crystals that otherwise i doubt i would have ever found them, not just for the prices but also because here they are not available. I am in debt with you and your wife. I hope one day i can correspond. Thank you again Best regards, Ramon Parareda
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