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Nephrite Jade Polished Wand


This specimen is Nephrite Jade and has been cut and polished into an Wand. Although dark in color this piece has an array of green tones throughout. Found in Afghanistan. White background photos have been done for this piece to help see all the green tones and patterns.

In stock

Weight – 8.16 oz’s – 231.3 gm’s

Dimensions – 5.559″ x 1.217″ long/wide (14.121 x 3.092 cm’s)

Country of Origin – Afghanistan

Nephrite Jade

For what and How Does One Use it?

Nephrite Jade has a clearing energy and also stabilizes the emotions. It helps one realize the reasons behind negative feelings. This in turn allows one to purge and or transform them into positive emotions.

Nephrite Jade is known as Pounamu in New Zealand. It is a sacred stone to the Native Maoris. New Zealand Nephrite Jade is said to be the most powerful of the Nephrite Jade family.

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