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Natural Danburite Crystal Cluster With Pyrite

NZD $29.00

This natural Danburite Crystal Cluster with Pyrite inclusion for sale has a milky white color but still has amazing luster! Tiny pieces of Pyrite are embedded in the bottom of this specimen.

In stock

Weight – (without base) 43.9 gm’s

Dimensions – (without base) 2.232″ x 1.473″ long/wide (5.669 x 3.742 cm’s)

Country of Origin – Mexico



Danburite Healing Properties & Meaning Video


For what and How Does One Use it?

Danburite is one of the highest vibrating Heart Chakra crystals available. It has a close connection with the Angelic Realm and helps us communicate with the angels and calls them to our side. These special crystals are very calming and help us adapt to change. Danburite is superb for boosting our intuitive abilities. Further Danburite properties include helping with empathy, and offering crystal protection for psychic work and astral traveling. Danburite is a strong Aura cleanser/energizer! This crystal is most beneficial when worked with in the specific order as listed below.

  1. Crown Chakra – Placing the Danburite on the Crown Chakra, allows the chakra to open and bring down the Angelic light codes. This light expands down through your body – saturating the bodies cellular structure. Any junk stored in the cells is transmuted and non necessarily elements will be expunged for the body to dispose of safely. Any light codes that cannot be held in traditional storage, will be stored by the bodies skeletal structure and be made available to both the conscience, and sub conscience in times of need. One may feel a buzzing, tingling sensation while this is occurring – this is normal. Once the process is complete, a general feeling of well being, joyfulness, and laughter will be felt! Having the Danburite in the Crown Chakra position is the best time to ask the Angelic realm any questions you may have.
  2. Heart Chakra – Placing the Danburite on this chakra will have your heart center opening and expanding. Compassion and empathy will be enhanced, this will come in handy for the coming processes. The Heart and Mind will align to be in harmony with each other. The courage of ones convictions will greatly increase.
  3. Third Eye Chakra – Working with Danburite in this area will help one to “See the larger picture”. Gaining insights into complex issues and seeing the changes that need to be made. And importantly – how to implement these changes will also be revealed.
  4. Throat – While Danburite is not immediately obvious as a Throat Chakra crystal, as it turns out, it has a profound effect on this area. This crystal awakens our inner voices and assists in projecting that inner voice outward in a largely, no nonsense – unfiltered way. This is why it is important to work with Danburite in the order specified above. Without the above work being done first, Danburite will have you voicing your concerns and frustrations with human based issues in a very aggressive and warrior like way! The sound, calm voice of reason is always heard over the shrill voice of frustration and anger. Thus working through the pre-mentioned processes will have one delivering a msg that many may not be particularly wanting to hear – from a grounded centered and undeniable position of truth and reality. Real and needed change will begin to manifest. Danburite literally pushes one from the sidelines of hand wringing, procrastination and despair to a warrior like position of truth, justice and action!

On a physical level – it can assist with detoxification of the liver, especially when used in Elixir form. It helps strengthen the skeletal system and defends against arthritis. Danburite properties have a strong anti allergy component, and again is best used in elixir form to treat allergy symptoms. This crystal runs at a vibration so high that when one actively works with it in order to absorb it’s vibration – it makes it hard for cancer cells to reproduce and spread. The energy of Danburite will also stop the calcification of the Pituitary gland. In regards to the Pituity Gland, it is most helpful to ask the crystal to activate the process, as just wearing it alone may not be enough.

Emotionally speaking – Danburite helps keep us calm and in the LOVE zone! It helps you remain centered and keeps the aura protected from other people when helping them. That is to say Danburite helps one to not take on other peoples issues, while at the same time assisting these people to dump their junk into a reciprocal provided by the Angels!

This gentle yet powerful crystal helps to connect the emotional heart center with the mind to co-create harmony, de-stress and bring about unbridled creativity! Danburite is a crystal of purity and brings us to the divine – on every level. This beautiful crystal deserves a special place in every ones healing kit bag.

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For what and How Does One Use it?

Pyrite is a great mineral for treating physical burnout. It is recommended that a piece be placed on the solar plexus to achieve maximum energizing results. As Pyrite is largely iron and gold in color, it grounds the gold ray into the physical body. You may also point other higher vibrational crystals such as Citrine and Topaz towards/touching the Pyrite and it will ground those crystals’ gold ray energies into the physical body as well! Pyrite aids digestion, treats blood disorders and relieves depression. It has regenerative powers on physical and emotional levels.


This multi-talented mineral is a fantastic companion to have and carry around. It often comes on and inside other crystals such as Fluorite, Quartz, Lapis, and other high energy crystals!

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