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Dragons Bloodstone Polished Palm Stone

NZD $32.00

This specimen is Dragons Bloodstone, carved and polished into a palm stone. It has stunning vibrant colors and patterns! A White background photo have been included to help better gauge the color and shape.

In stock

Weight – 3.40 oz’s – 96.1 gm’s

Dimensions – 2.406″ x 1.607″ long/wide (6.112 x 4.082 cm’s)

Country of Origin – Madagascar


For what and How Does One Use it?

Bloodstone provides lots of primal energy, giving one a great boost while undertaking large projects. It increases confidence and surety of mind, dispelling negative energy, ensuring unimpeded forward progress enabling one to overcome any challenge that may be presented. This stone has a strong focus on cleansing and energizing blood, along with keeping the reproductive system for both male and female in tip-top shape.

Tumbled stone, small wand or freeform of Bloodstone can be taped to the inside wrist overnight. This will ensure the blood passes by the stone and is cleansed many times through the course of an evening. Thus the body gains a tune-up while asleep! Have a Bloodstone on your person while on big challenging projects, and times where courage is required. Meditating with this stone will bring clarity and surety in any given situation.


Bloodstone is a solid option for taking on large projects, adding vitality, creativeness and surety along the way. It gives a strong boost in personal power and cleanses the body and mind.

Read more regarding Bloodstone Properties at the link below (will open in a new tab/window)….