Terminated Aquamarine Crystal On Mica Matrix

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This a Very Nice Terminated Aquamarine Crystal has formed on a bed of beautiful sparkling Mica crystals!! This specimen has great clarity and lovely light blue coloring! This specimen stands as shown and is in excellent condition.



1.65 oz’s – 47 gm’s
2.5″ across (6.3 cm’s)
Country of Origin

Additional information

Weight47 g




Natural Formation


Healing Properties


For what and How Does One Use it?

The energy of Aquamarine washes over one with its beautiful soothing, calming and cleansing energy.

Gazing straight into the termination can align, sharpen and soothe your eyesight. Use it in body layouts on the throat or 3rd eye. One may visualize its energy traveling through veins to alleviate varicose veins (I have seen it banish 60-year-old ones!). It is also helpful for purifying the water in the body. As 80% of humans is made up of water, this gift cannot be over looked! Aquamarine is also good for helping one get and maintain focus.

Aquamarine is at its most powerful when worn against the throat. It brings calmness, and creativity in one’s communication.


Aquamarine is a beautiful, calming, creative and uplifting influence in our lives, and most of us could always do with more of those attributes!

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For what and How Does One Use it?

Mica helps us focus on what is important, stripping away distractions like layers of an onion until all that is left is what really matters. It helps bring in new psychic abilities in a smooth and controllable fashion. Mica often companions high-energy crystals such as Tourmalines, Aquamarines and Topaz. It acts as a protective interface so one does not become overwhelmed by the sheer energy of the higher vibrational crystals it grows with.


In today’s world we are bombarded with irrelevance on an epic scale, especially through media. Mica helps cut through all that to focus us on what is really important, a stone for the “information” age for sure!

Read more regarding Mica Properties at the link below (will open in a new tab/window)….


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