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Polished Pietersite Sphere

USD $24.00

This Polished Pietersite Sphere has amazing color and chatoyancy! The stand is a photo prop only and does not come with the sphere.

Out of stock

Weight – (without base) 2.68 oz’s – 76 gm’s

Dimensions – (without base) 1.496″ across (3.801 cm’s)

Country of Origin – Namibia


<h3>For what and How Does One Use it?</h3>
Pietersite is a stone that has a strong connection with the Angelic realm. It has a vibrant, exciting energy! It balances and energizes all chakras. Pietersite promotes intuitive vision and higher spiritual awareness.
Though Pietersite is not necessarily an easy stone to find and can be costly, it is very worthwhile to obtain and work with. Its cheeky uplifting energy is a sure boost to one’s personal energy!

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