Polished Emerald Crystals in matrix

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This specimen has beautiful natural Emerald crystals that have formed in a matrix. This is a completely natural specimen, straight from nature! This Emerald is from Bahia, Brazil. This specimen is in excellent condition.

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22.4 oz’s – 638 gm’s
2.7 x 4.3″ across (6.98 x 11.1 cm’s)
Country of Origin

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Weight638 g




Natural Formation

Healing Properties


For what and How Does One Use it?

Emerald is the stone of balance, be it chakras, emotions, cells and more – Absolutely everything is bought back into balance! Not only that, the energy supports and nourishes you at all levels. This crystal is truly a master healer.

Use Emerald during meditation to increase self confidence and self worth. It will give you assurance in your own creative abilities – Then fuel them, enabling one to reach their full potential! In group meditation, Emerald encourages frank, open and respectful communication between all members of the group.

Used in elixir form, Emerald strengthens the heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas. This crystal has serious detoxifying properties, so it is recommended one drinks a lot of water to help flush the body clean throughout the cleansing process. Severe mental illnesses may be treated with Emerald, such as paranoia and schizophrenia.

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