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Natural Colombian Golden Healer Titanium Oxide Lemurian Seed Alien Terminated Rainbow Quartz

NZD $49.00

This completely natural “as mined” Specimen has incredible golden color, form and definition! It happens to be Alien Terminated as well as being Rainbow. The gorgeous crystal itself – has fantastic clarity and very nice Lemurian Seed striations! With the right lighting the crystal has a light coating of titanium oxide giving the crystals surface a rainbow like iridescence – this is a very, very rare occurrence in nature! This piece radiates golden rainbow light! It is in excellent condition.

In stock

Weight – 3.40 oz’s – 96.3 g’s

Dimensions – 2.970″ x 1.723″ tall/wide (7.545 x 4.377 cm’s)

Country of Origin – Colombia

Colombian Quartz

For what and How Does One Use it?

Colombian Quartz crystals run at an amazingly high vibration – among the very highest in the Quartz World! Many have Lemurian Striated form and are highly sought after in the Lemurian Seed World of crystals. They help one seek the highest good and truth in all and any given situations. There is no room left for darkness when these amazing beings of light are used!

Colombian Quartz is also very effective for cleansing toxicity from the body, mind and spirit. These crystals are are great for strengthening the body’s immune system and have a strong focus on improving the respiratory system. This type of Quartz is good for practitioners that need to remain emotionally detached to get the best non biased information required to make an accurate diagnosis and course of action to take with their clients. They make for very powerful elixirs to really get a jump on the pre-mentioned properties.

Nearly all Colombian Quartz crystals are members of the Silver Light family, so all properties of those crystals are incorporated within these crystals as well. As with many recent finds these crystals have attracted all sorts of names and associated price hikes. In this authors opinion, these crystals that have such names are from the exact same source and have the exact same properties – the term “Caveat emptor – Let the buyer be aware” most certainly applies. Especially when these enlightened trademark holder$ are charging thousands of percent more for the same crystal!

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Golden Healer Quartz has a golden layer of Iron Oxides/Hematite under the surface of the Crystal. Although it can at times look a lot like Tangerine Quartz, it’s color is on the surface, where as mentioned earlier, Golden Healer Quartz has it’s color just under the surface.

These crystals use the power of the golden ray to spectacular effect. Be it boosting self esteem, creating powerful positive manifestations in ones life, through to beaming golden light into the Crown Chakra, spreading that light throughout the rest of the body blowing away blockages and bringing balance!
The Golden Ray energy of the Golden Healer may represent the Divine Spirit, Source and Creation.  A Master Healer, the Golden Healer is of the highest vibration.  Its energy is powerful, yet gentle and soothing.

Golden Healer Quartz can be used to raise ones energy frequency, promoting spiritual communications over a long distance, including between realms and dimensions.

Lemurian Seed

Lemurian Sees Healing Properties & Meaning Video

For what and How Does One Use it?

These crystals have horizontal striated lines running across every alternate side of the crystal, so one side, striated, one side smooth, the next side striated and so on.

Lemurian Quartz Crystals were used back in Ancient Lemuria days by advanced races of beings. Thus these crystals are very advanced and have a focus on high technology, DNA, and social engineering. These master healers assist in helping one get in touch with – and using intuition.

The striations themselves represent significant timelines in the history of human development. An example would be how current technology has moved from phonograph records, to cassette tapes, to cd’s to downloadable and streaming music. Each one of these advancements could be viewed as a single striated line on the crystal. Thus running your fingers over the crystal will connect you with time line events that each crystal has recorded. The crystal will impart its knowledge to you using this technique. As these crystals have a strong focus on intuition, it is completely natural and absolutely encouraged that one use their intuition in finding the best way for the individual to interface with this vast library of crystal information.

Lemurian Quartz crystals come from many different locations from all over the World. The Lemurian aspect has a special interaction with each variety of Quartz that it forms in. Smoky Quartz Lemurians help to ground their extremely high vibration into the mind, body and soul. The rare Citrine Quartz version has a focus on raising self esteem, and modifying DNA to handle living in the technical age. Clear Quartz Lemurians bring balance to the spiritual and emotional bodies, while helping one focus on creative and innovative solutions to any and all problems. Hematite Included Pink and Blood Red Lemurians help us maintain our connection with our Earth Mother, while also focusing/grounding our creative energies – boosting our physical energy to get on with and complete missions and projects. Especially ones that add to the betterment of all humanity as a whole.

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Alien Quartz

For what and How Does One Use it?

Alien Quartz crystals are the multi-threaders of the crystal World. Being Double Terminated – they work in full duplex mode (simultaneously in both directions). That is to say they can receive multiple threads of information in the multi-terminated end, then weave the threads into a single thread of information. The crystal then projects that information out through the single termination. Having the crystal weave the light threads into a cohesive, indexed format enables one to receive and better understand complex concepts and principles.

Alien Quartz Crystals can also project a single program in multiple formats, over multiple channels. They do this by receiving the program in the single terminated end, then multiplexing (splitting into separate threads) and projecting the program out through the multi-terminated end.

Both the processes described above may be initiated through the use of “Conscious Intent”.

In addition to the above properties, Alien Quartz crystals do everything a standard Double Terminated Quartz Crystal does.

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