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Natural BRIGHT Gold Citrine Dow Phantom Quartz Cluster – Video Below

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This Natural Golden Citrine Quartz Cluster has incredible clarity and luster!! This Cluster features both amazing gold color and epic phantoms throughout!! The Main point is of the rare famed 7-3-7-3-7-3 Dow formation!! This specimen stands as shown and is in excellent condition!!

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Weight – 6.14 oz’s – 174 gm’s

Dimensions – 3.94″ x 1.89″ long/wide (10 x 4.8 cm’s)

Country of Origin – Zambia

Citrine Quartz

Citrine Quartz Healing Properties & Meaning Video

For what and How Does One Use it?

Citrine is a beautiful vibrant energy. It is one of the best anti-depressant crystals available! One way to use it for treating depression is to place it on the solar plexus, and visualize yourself breathing the gold color into your body. Feel the golden energy fill your body with joy and happiness. Visualize your body glowing with warmth and emanating golden light like the rays bursting forth from the dawning sun.

Citrine Elestial Quartz Crystals have a strong focus on detoxifying the body. The vibration operates at a level that literally shakes the toxicity loose from the major organs such as the liver, kidneys, and lungs. Place a Citrine Elestial on your body and relax, breathe in deeply and smoothly. Do your best to empty your mind of mental clatter. Perform this routine for as long as feels comfortable. Make sure you drink plenty of water over the next three days as the toxicity will be flushed out into your bloodstream, and the water will help you remove it from your system entirely.

Citrine Quartz is also a popular crystal for manifestation. The golden ray naturally attracts abundance in many forms. Be open-ended as possible within your manifesting processes in order to allow the Universe to provide your needs in possibly the most unexpected ways!
How to identify Natural vs Irradiated Citrine
Irradiated crystals are ones that have been heated to alter their color. A classic example is that most Citrine is in fact a variety of Amethyst that when heated to a high temperature turns to a bright gold color.

It is easy to spot, as it has a reddish tinge to it. Bright Gold Citrine is VERY rare in nature.

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Dow Quartz Crystal

For what and How Does One Use it?

Dow Quartz crystals are also known as Trans-Channeling crystals – This is because they combine both Channel and Transmitting Receiver crystal properties. Adding in a third layer completes and empowers the trinity experience. Thus, Dow Quartz crystals have a close affinity with the holy trinity – Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Numerology speaking, Number 3 resonates with the energies of optimism and joy, inspiration and creativity, communication, imagination, intelligence, and compassion. Number 7 resonates with the vibrations and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’, faith, spiritual awakening and awareness. Thus combining these properties to the power of three makes Quartz Dow crystals very powerful master healers indeed!

Dow Crystals also provide balance and inspiration to many circumstances and scenarios. They are very effective crystals to use for deep meditative work. Using them requires strong focus, and defined conscious intent. Being very specific with your questions will ensure you get a very specific answer/response. Accuracy is key when using these crystals.

Dow crystals are considered “completion” crystals. People who are in their final lifetime on Earth will find themselves attracted to these crystals. Everything thing from all past lives including this one is pulled in for processing.

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Phantom Quartz


Phantom Quartz Healing Properties & Meaning Video


For what and How Does One Use it?

Phantom Quartz crystals are all about growth and moving on, moving past blockages.

On a physical level, these crystals are created when another substance other than quartz washes over the crystal, leaving a layer on the termination during the crystal’s natural growth cycle. The crystal continues to grow, leaving an image of itself where it was at the time the substance washed over it. Phantoms can be made up of such minerals as Chlorite, Hematite, or even Clay. On occasion heat can play a part, causing a phantom to be visible through a different color shade. Most often either Smoky or Amethyst can display these heat-induced types of Phantom.

The most powerful phantom configurations are termed as being 3D. This is where the substance has totally covered the entire termination, leaving a three-dimensional image of itself.

Phantom crystals are very good for helping us move past blockages, where we may have become “stuck.” The type of inclusion that makes up the phantom also plays a part in the gifts that these special crystals have to offer us. They can also be used to project growth and plan milestones.

Hold a Phantom Quartz and visualize/remember a traumatic time in your life that you may perceive as having stunted your growth. Now see yourself actually becoming stronger through this experience. Let that experience become a marker, a testament to your strength, growth and perfection in that moment. Now bring that perfection and strength forward to the present day. Give thanks to the Phantom Crystal in helping you change your perception and facilitating your self-healing!

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