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Colombian Clear Quartz Bridging Rainbow Alien Crystal Pistol

USD $209.00

This is an all natural Colombian Clear Quartz Crystal. It has great clarity and subtle striations with the shining luster that Colombian quartz is famous for! Also multiple Alien terminations, rainbows, bridges, and babies throughout the crystal. It even has incredible etching all over. The crystal is what we call a Crystal Pistol and extraordinary for any type of healing work. This specimen is in very good condition. Check out the video above!

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Weight – 17.63 oz’s – 499.8 gm’s

Dimensions – 6.477″ x 4.155″ long/wide (16.452 x 10.553 cm’s)

Country of Origin – Colombia

Colombian Quartz

For what and How Does One Use it?

Colombian Quartz crystals run at an amazingly high vibration – among the very highest in the Quartz World! Many have Lemurian Striated form and are highly sought after in the Lemurian Seed World of crystals. They help one seek the highest good and truth in all and any given situations. There is no room left for darkness when these amazing beings of light are used!

Colombian Quartz is also very effective for cleansing toxicity from the body, mind and spirit. These crystals are are great for strengthening the body’s immune system and have a strong focus on improving the respiratory system. This type of Quartz is good for practitioners that need to remain emotionally detached to get the best non biased information required to make an accurate diagnosis and course of action to take with their clients. They make for very powerful elixirs to really get a jump on the pre-mentioned properties.

Nearly all Colombian Quartz crystals are members of the Silver Light family, so all properties of those crystals are incorporated within these crystals as well. As with many recent finds these crystals have attracted all sorts of names and associated price hikes. In this authors opinion, these crystals that have such names are from the exact same source and have the exact same properties – the term “Caveat emptor – Let the buyer be aware” most certainly applies. Especially when these enlightened trademark holder$ are charging thousands of percent more for the same crystal!

Read more regarding Colombian Quartz Properties at the link below (will open in a new tab/window)….

Babies on the side, are “Mother” crystals that have multiple smaller crystals “Babies” on the side of it. Where as barnacle crystals have much smaller crystals, often without structured form on the side.
Both types of crystal signify a student teacher scenario. Both have kinds of crystal have much knowledge and information to share. This information can be accessed by using such techniques as meditation, sub conscious assimilation and so on.

These crystals also help one to “find themselves” and separate the inner self from external forces and energies that is in fact outside of oneself – and not part of “the whole”. The smaller barnacle/baby crystals represent external experiences, and the larger crystal represents our self. This helps to get perspective on what is truly important and who we really are, as against how external forces are impinging upon our reality, and are not really a part of who we actually are. This is not to say that the smaller crystals are representing something which does not serve or benefit us, as these experiences whether we perceive them to be good or otherwise are still an important part of our life experience. Well earned lessons that help us to move forward with confidence and surety.

Alien Quartz

For what and How Does One Use it?

Alien Quartz crystals are the multi-threaders of the crystal World. Being Double Terminated – they work in full duplex mode (simultaneously in both directions). That is to say they can receive multiple threads of information in the multi-terminated end, then weave the threads into a single thread of information. The crystal then projects that information out through the single termination. Having the crystal weave the light threads into a cohesive, indexed format enables one to receive and better understand complex concepts and principles.

Alien Quartz Crystals can also project a single program in multiple formats, over multiple channels. They do this by receiving the program in the single terminated end, then multiplexing (splitting into separate threads) and projecting the program out through the multi-terminated end.

Both the processes described above may be initiated through the use of “Conscious Intent”.

In addition to the above properties, Alien Quartz crystals do everything a standard Double Terminated Quartz Crystal does.

Read more regarding Alien Quartz Properties at the link below (will open in a new tab/window)….

Bridge/Inner Child crystals are also known as In/Out and Penetrator crystals. The crystals make up consists of a main “Mother” crystal that has another, or in rare cases, several smaller crystals that are embedded in, and grow out from the Mother crystal.
On the Bridge front, these crystals can assist one to bridge a gap through bringing understanding and empathy. These crystals can also assist in bringing people together, helping find a middle ground and being happy and content with that. Bridge crystals can also help one with public speaking, and communicating new ideas and concepts in such a way that the audience at large will come to a clear understanding of what you are telling them.

This style of crystal also helps create a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms, helping one with manifesting spiritual aspirations into the 3rd dimension. Another example is, the bridge can open a transport layer between the spiritual and conscious mind, helping the conscious mind to understand that physical action is required to bring about fundamental change for the better.

The Inner Child crystal is very similar to a bridge, and can pretty much act as a bridge, the physical difference is the smaller crystal is mostly encompassed within the Mother crystal with just a portion peeking out. Thus the Mother is holding and nurturing the baby.  Inner Child Quartz crystals take us back to simplicity, and to view the the World with the fresh eyes of a child in wonderment of the miracle that is daily life!