beautiful Sugilite Polished Pendant With 925 Sterling Silver Fittings

USD $29.00

This Sugilite Pendant has awesome vibrant color! This pendant comes with an adjustable waxed nylon cord – however a Sterling Silver chain may be added at the special price of only $9 USD! You may find the option to add this chain on the shopping cart itself.



5 gm’s
(Stone Only) 1.0″ long (2.5 cm’s)
South Africa

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Weight5 g

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Healing Properties


For what and How Does One Use it?

Sugilite is one of the most powerful third eye activators around. It is recommended you use Amethyst on the third eye first – in order to open it gently, as Sugilite can be a bit intensive to use first off!

Sugilite helps us to cope with severe change. It also helps us integrate the new energies coming onto the planet en-mass at this time.

This powerful stone brings balance to the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This has the effect of releasing the inevitable conflicts that arise from living in this modern age.

Sugilite is a stone that helps one find their place (and peace) in the universe. It is a splendid stone for healers to use, as it is both very powerful and amplifies one’s intuition.

Used as an elixir in the bath, the crown chakra is activated.

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Double Terminated Quartz

For what and How Does One Use it?

Double Terminated Quartz crystals have a termination at each end, thus the energy can flow in either direction and can be guided to do so via thought patterns.

They are also very useful to facilitate balance within any given energy fields. An example of this is where a root chakra may be overactive and the sacral chakra underactive. Place a Double Terminated Quartz crystal between them and the two chakras will self balance (in most cases).

These crystals are very exciting to hold between the palms of your hands and feel their energy running through and around your body.

Double Terminated Quartz crystals are also very useful tools for crystal grids and mandalas.

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